Darice Bailer
Darice Bailer
Darice Bailer
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11 Fun Facts
1.   I have five brothers and two sisters. They’re my best friends.
2.   I once jumped out of an airplane! A professional skydiver was strapped to my back and pushed me out the open door. I spread my arms like wings and fell for 50 seconds. Then, whoosh! Up went the parachute so we could float safely to the ground! If you ever go skydiving when you get older, wear a warm jacket. It’s cold 15,000 feet (4,572 meters) in the atmosphere!
3.   My daughter Laura brought home the meanest cat ever! Laura named it Tiger, and she loved that cat. But like a real tiger, our Tiger had very sharp teeth and claws. It scratched or bit every kid in the neighborhood! Laura was not allowed to pick out any more cats.
4.   My favorite sport is football.
5.   My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.
6.   One time, I called up the owner of the Cowboys. He even called me back! The owner’s name is Jerry Jones. I was writing a book about a high school and college football coach. Jerry played for him at the University of Arkansas and loved him. Jerry wanted to help me with my book. Thanks, Jerry!
7.   I called up President Bill Clinton. Bill was no longer president at the time. He was working in New York and I left a message on his answering machine. I asked him if he remembered the coach at the University of Arkansas. When I hung up the phone, I shook my head. “That is the dumbest thing I ever did,” I thought. “Who calls up the president? Even one who used to be president?” Well, one of President Clinton’s assistants called me back! President Clinton loved this Arkansas football coach. His name was Wilson Matthews.
8.   My granddaughter calls me Bubba. That’s President Clinton’s nickname too!
Darice Bailer and her granddaughter
9.   I wrote about the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team for The Washington Post. I sat next to Harvey Araton writing a newspaper story one day. Harvey wrote about sports for The New York Times. Harvey and I became friends. He’s one of the nicest sportswriters around.
10.   My favorite color is yellow. It’s a happy color!
11.   My mom went to Syracuse University Law School when she was a grandma. She was 80 years old, and she sat next to the 21-year-old students in class. My mom graduated with them three years later. I wore an orange T-shirt to graduation with my brothers and sisters. The T-shirt said, “It’s never too late.” Are you seven, eight or nine? Go out and do what you want to do!
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