Darice Bailer
stack of books

In 2019, I’m giving away over 100 free copies of my books.

I want kids who’ve never held an autographed book to be able to own one of mine.

And I want teachers who spend their own money on books and supplies to get a classroom book for free. 

If you are a teacher, please fill out my contact form and tell me about your class. Invite me to Skype with your class or school. I'd be very happy to talk about writing children's books, or any other topic that helps your students become better writers. After our Skype visit, I promise to mail a free copy of one of my books to you for your classroom. 

If you know that one of your students comes from a disadvantaged home and has never had an autographed book of his own, will you let me know? I can take care of that in a snap! I can wrap up a book, mail it to you, and let you present it to that child at school. Just email me a picture of you both! 

It's sure to make me smile.

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