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Darice Bailer
Darice Bailer
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Visiting Schools
School VisitWhat do I enjoy most about being an author? Traveling across the country and meeting students and teachers like you!

I have created several writing workshops to show your students how they can turn in well-written stories and reports.

But whatever your student or classroom needs, I can tailor a presentation to help you. And I will present a free autographed book to your class.

Possible Presentations
Download the full description of these presentations here.
Paint with Words!
What is Setting?
Writing Non-Fiction Reports
Do I Have to Re-Write It? What Even Authors Do
What Are Adjectives and Interjections and How Can They Make Your Writing Stronger?
My fee is $500 a day for three or four one-hour presentations. I can also arrange to visit all the elementary schools in your district and speak to classes in each one over multiple days.
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